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Holistic Nutrition Services in Vancouver

Holistic Nutrition Services in Vancouver

The holistic approach focuses on the effect of whole, unprocessed, plant-abundant nutrition instead of diet labels like keto, veganism, paleo etc. and lifestyle choices on your health and wellness. It emphasizes alive foods grown in soil rich in essential nutrients free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.  To complete the picture, we will talk about the lifestyle factors that create optimal health: relationship, career, physical activity and spirituality.

A lot of things in our lives are out of our control. But we are starting to understand that the only person in charge is us, that no one knows what works best for us than we do. We need to listen to what our body is telling us. Body language is the true voice of our health. When we listen carefully we realize food does not nourish the physical body alone – mind & spirit are parts of the whole.

I don’t believe in super foods and miracle nutrients to cure all ills. Each of us is so uniquely different. If we value our health and well-being we cannot ignore the quality of our food. Food changes everything. As your daily diet changes, your body changes too, and your happiness improves. Imagine what your life would be like if you had clear thinking, energy and fulfillment every day.

Bio-IndividualityHolistic Nutrition Services in Vancouver

Recently, the word microbiome gained popularity. And it’s not a surprise! Microbiome is the entire microbial being we each contain. The microbe population inside each of us is as distinctive as a fingerprint. In more recent studies, microbes (that mostly live in our intestines) are referred to as a second brain: they don’t just receive the information from our first brain in our heads but also send the information to modify our behavior including our food cravings. 

Some people think it is some kind of a new concept but if we look into ancient cultures around the world like those in China, India, and Greece we can see that all of them used a very personalized approach prescribing foods, herbal supplements, essential oils and emotional recommendations developed specifically for each individual. The goal was to treat the root cause of the disease instead of masking the symptoms. Those practices are 2,000-3,000 years old! 

Working on the principle of bio-individuality, I’ll support you in making positive changes that are based on your unique needs, lifestyle, personal preferences, and background. Instead of prescribing one fix for all people, I use a personalized, holistic approach that is based on your needs. 

Walking Service Rates and Nutrition Plan Rates

Holistic Nutrition Services in Vancouver

I am offering the first complimentary walk to get to know each other. If you decide to go ahead, you can consider a few options:

1) You can start easy with nurture walks. We will walk along one of our beautiful trails and discuss your nutritional needs. I will make suggestions on a couple of changes a week (or more if desired) that will slowly shift your body in a more balanced state. The rate for a 1-hour walk is $40. 

2) Development of the plans (individualized dietary/supplement/lifestyle suggestions with 3 day meal plan) and one hour walk to present and explain with the follow up email containing the meeting points, detailed plan, instructions. The rate is $450. 

3) Development of the plans (individualized dietary/supplement/lifestyle suggestions with 3 day meal plan) and with 3 follow up walks 30 minutes each within the next 3 months. The rate is $520. 

4) If option 2 or 3 were selected but more walks are needed each additional walk is $30. 

Group or family walks are also provided. Please contact us inquire about the rates.